I'm a 23 year old environmentalist with a deep deep love for our planet and all its wonders. Born and raised in Paris, Belgian passport but above all a citizen of the world, I love to backpack and immerse myself in new cultures. Urban origin but craving nature at all times (yes ocean and jungle, I'm talking to you!) . Definitely a H.U.G.E animal lover, mother of a rescue 3 year old dog with way too much hair. Yogi and political junkie (What? Who said you can't be both?!).

Sustainability consultant by day, I hope I can help many embrace a more sustainable lifestyle that will not only be good for the planet but can also be cool and prove that being a greenie is F.U.N and hopefully inspiring!

I hope you'll enjoy this adventure and see you on the green side ;) !





Contact : thegreenmonki@gmail.com