What should the new European Commission do? #Sustainability edition

2019 is a big year for the EU. Not only will European citizens be voting in May to renew the European Parliament, a new president of the European Commission and a new Commission will come into power early November and a new president of the European Council and of the European Central Bank will be appointed. Busy times!

But outside the Brussels Bubble, things are moving fast, especially when it comes to sustainable and the health of our planet. 

So what about Europe? This year represents new opportunities and beginnings but where should Eurocrats start to consolidate and increase EU's leadership on sustainability issues? Drawing from a set of experts interventions at the latest High level conference on Sustainable Europe by 2030 and some personal thoughts, here are 5 areas of recommendations: 

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The Dirty, Shameful Secrets Contained Within Your Smartphone

Many of us spend our days glued to them, taking pictures, calling our loved ones, watching movies, reading articles and basically performing every daily task thanks to them. Them? Every electronic gadget that has become indispensable to our always more connected and globalized lives, including but not limited to smartphones, laptops, camera, GPS devices, TVs etc.

We trust them with some of our most private information; sometimes sleep with them under the pillow and feel upset when they’re lost or broken – but just how much do we really know about what’s inside our beloved electronic devices? What’s needed to make them feel lighter, better, faster? And have you ever considered what happens to them once they die and are discarded?

Here’s a peek behind the curtain of the very secret and dirty electronics industry…

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Why I Almost Quit Eating Avocado Toast (And It’s Not For the Reason You Think!)

Paris, France: Guacamole, avocado sauce, oil and finally, the ultimate Instagrammable meal, the avocado toast: this native fruit of Mexico can now be found everywhere in the world, from social media posts to trendy restaurants and your vibrant vegan salad.

But as with every trendy commodity, look beyond the fuss and the benefits and you’ll quickly find out how destructive the production of avocado at an industrial scale. Not just for the environment, but how the growing global demand for the fruit is bringing farming communities into poverty and violence.

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Why ditching fast fashion should be one of your 2018 resolutions

Maybe you’ve made a list, maybe you haven’t (i’m in that second category) and if you have, your list might include stop smoking, workout consistently, travel more often or just any objectives you have for 2018.

But as the state of our planet is deteriorating at a incredibly fast rate and social inequality around the world has never been more more important, why not make 2018 a mindful year by ditching fast fashion ?

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How to have an eco-friendly and ethical Christmas #3: Gift wrapping

Already the third and almost last part of the How to have a green and ethical Christmas series! Time flies and in a bit over a week, it’s Christmas Day!! (I still don’t get why it makes me so happy)

Anyways, now that we’ve covered trees and presents , let’s talk about wrapping and how to make sure it doesn’t contribute to more unnecessary waste!

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How to have an eco-friendly and ethical Christmas #2: Presents that make sense

Unless you’re in a minimalist (which I don’t claim to be (yet)) or your culture doesn’t celebrate Christmas, chances are, there’ll be a some presents involved at the end of December.

And as you know, presents, except if they’re second hand or if you’re offering an experience, mean use of natural resources and possibly high environmental and social impact. Hence this list compiling eco-friendly and ethical presents for family and friends who are not always super into the green, vegan, conscious lifestyle but still support you!

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How to have an eco-friendly and ethical Christmas #1 : Christmas trees

I’ve been seeing so many trees being sold in the streets and people starting to buy them that I thought it’d be the perfect topic to inaugurate the eco friendly and ethical Christmas series. Because contrary to many people may think, the trees that really puts the Christmas vibe in our homes are not at all “merry” for our Planet Earth!

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