Why was I in Berlin during Fashion Week? A Neonyt experience report

“Invitation to join Berlin Sustainable Fashion Week”. I remember receiving an email with this title in December and jumping out of joy in my living room. Discovering a bunch of sustainable fashion brands alongside eco bloggers for 3 days in one of the most advanced city in terms of environment in the world? Heck yes!

Wanna know what we did for 3 days in Berlin?

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Eco Fashion Outfit of the Day #6: Uber cool pyjamas & craftmanship

Eco Fashion Outfit of the day #6 is here! Have you sever looked at a pyjama or a pair of slippers of anything that is supposed to be worn inside your appartment/house and you think: "ok that's cool, I could wear it outside 2" but in the end you're often mortified that someone will realize that's it wasn't supposed to leave the coziness of your house? Well no risk of that with the stunning and highly sustainable pieces of a denish brand I’m in love with!

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Eco Fashion Outfit of the day #5: Vegan perfecto and activist brands

Long due Eco Fashion of the Day is here! It includes (almost) only brands that care deeply about the state of our planet and that are all European! Because sometimes supporting local brands is a small revolution in itself and remember, when you buy from a small business, an actual person does a happy dance!

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Eco Fashion Outfit of the Dat #4: Deadstock fabrics and second hand

First sustainable fashion look of the year! January has been a bit slow on the blog because of... well you know, life. But what better way to be back in business than sharing a look that's all vegan and kind to mother earth? That's the beauty of sustainable fashion, every time you're spending money, you're supporting a brand that matches your values and/or the kind of economy you'd like to promote! Never forget how powerful your consumption choices can be!

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Eco Fashion Outfit of the Day #2: London style

I don’t do many “outfits of the day” post because I don’t find them that relevant and also because I’m not such a good model. But when an outfit includes so many doing good for the planets and the animals brands, there’s just no way of not sharing it and my love for these game changers.  Also, the fact that it was shot in one of Nothing Hill most typical colorful street puts me in such a happy mood (traveling weirdo, I know).

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Why you should buy second hand clothing

It’s a no brainer that fast fashion is bad. For the planet of course but also for the workers involved in this industry who get paid low wages, work extra long hours, are threatened physically and mentally and in some cases are minors.

So what do you do ? On the pyramid of building yourself  an eco friendly and ethical closet (which you can find here), you’ll notice that even before supporting brands with a purpose is the « buy vintage when possible » advice.  That’s because the environmental benefits of buying pre-loved clothes are pretty significant (on top of saving money and looking unique of course) !

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Eco Fashion Outfit of the Day #2 : Handmade craftsmanship and thrifted treasure

It's been a while since I've posted an outfit of the day entry (or any entry to be honest..) so here it is! I'm so glad to be sharing with you all a project that is dear to my heart.

The sweater is by a newly launched brand called Jose. Their story? They fell in love with the styles and craftsmanship of Bolivia and decided to partner up with over 30 skilled workers to produce those gorgeous sweaters in 7 different colors. The workers are paid a fair wage in a fair trade ideal and each sweater takes up to 9 hours to be made: a piece of art!

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Why The Reformation is one of the coolest "Eco" brands out there

« Being naked is the #1 most sustainable option. Reformation is #2 » is Reformation’s motto. And considering the brand’s sustainable practices, I might have to agree.

Forget the hippie tee shirts and long hemp skirts, say hi to silk maxi dresses with high slits and tee shirts with cool slogans such as « more trees less walls », Reformation has truly reinvented what sustainable fashion can and should look like

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Eco Fashion Outfit of the Day #1 : Conscious Tee and Purple Skirt

While for a long time I had no idea what an "ootd" and even less a "fair ootd" was, here is my first ever eco outfit of the day including a 100% organic tee brand that spreads happiness, a vintage skirt bought years ago and vegan booties!


Guess I really became a blogger now right?

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