Eco Fashion Outfit of the Day #2 : Handmade craftsmanship and thrifted treasure

It's been a while since I've posted an outfit of the day entry (or any entry to be honest..) so here it is! I'm so glad to be sharing with you all a project that is dear to my heart. 


The sweater is by a newly launched brand called Jose. Their story? They fell in love with the styles and craftsmanship of Bolivia and decided to partner up with over 30 skilled workers to produce those gorgeous sweaters in 7 different colors. The workers are paid a fair wage in a fair trade ideal and each sweater takes up to 9 hours to be made: a piece of art!

They're warm, cosy and fit incredibly well which is the motto of Jose: quality and style. 

They're currently in a crowdfunding stage, so should you want to support and get your own Jose, here's the link:

The skirt is my latest crush, i'm wearing it pretty much all the time. I bought it for 15 euros in an Oxfam store (the equivalent of goodwill). BRAND NEW. It was probably a matter of wrong size but imagine my surprise when I found it in tip top shape! I actually found out  that it was from Zara's latest collection. As you know, I don't purchase fast fashion but when it's second hand, it's actually a great deal for the planet as well! 

Last but not least... the sunglasses! They're from an incredible eco brand based in Barcelona called Sea2See. Each pair is made in Italy from 100% recycled plastic from the Mediterranean sea! They gather the plastic in ports where partner fishermen bring it back and then transform it into beautiful and stylish sunglasses that are helping save the oceans! Completely in love. 




Would love to know your thoughts! #SharingisCaring