Eco Fashion Outfit of the Day #2: London style


I don’t do many “outfits of the day” post because I don’t find them that relevant and also because I’m not such a good model (haha). But when an outfit includes so many doing good for the planets and the animals brands, there’s just no way of not sharing it and my love for these game changers.  Also, the fact that it was shot in one of Nothing Hill most typical colorful street puts me in such a happy mood (traveling weirdo, I know).

The cutest little velvet looking like purple dress, which is actually organic cotton, that goes with literally everything is from Ekyog, a pioneer french brand with very high environmental standards. The fabrics are natural and Eco-friendly such as organic cotton, wool, wood fiber, recycled polyester, linen always harvested or produced in a sustainable, organic way. The founders also created an NGO called Terre d’Ekyog, to which they give back 10% of their benefits, that funds projects in partnerships with local NGOs mostly in India and Madagascar in the field of organic agriculture, clean water and protection of the Amazon forest. Stylish fashion that is also nice to the planet!

IMG_6999 2.jpg

When it comes to shoes, the award for the most comfortable shoes ever worn goes to…. Ecoalf! The Madrid based brand believes that “there is no need to keep on using natural resources in a careless way” so they started to create recycled products with the same quality and design as the best ones done with non recycled. Some figures?  Ecoalf has recycled more than 70 million plastic bottles since its creation in 2009, 60 tonnes  discarded fishing nets and also cotton, used tires, coffee waste to make their super cool outdoor clothing.

Their most ambitious project to date?  Upyclcling the Oceans. Started in Spain  as a partnership with local fishermen to remove the rubbish and plastic in the Mediterranean Seainto thread for weaving fabric, it was launched in 2017 in Thailand as a 3 year collaboration with multi stakeholders to create a circular economy project in the areas of Bangkok; Rayong, Koh Samui, Koh Tao and Phukhet.


That piece of art bag comes from Melie Bianco, one of my favorite cruelty free bag designers. Founded by a designer who wanted to offer « affordable luxury to the everyday woman regardless of her budget » the material used is Polyutherane, an eco-friendly alternative to PVC, which gives an incredible real leather feel to the bags. They’re also crafted in a animal friendly environment using fair trade principles under a Profit Sharing Model which basically means that when the company grows, the workers benefits grow too. No wonder the brand’s been featured in Vogue, Elle and Marie Claire !

Last but not least, this hat! I was looking for one like this forever but didn’t want to buy a new one. When I found a vintage one at Portobello Market in London, it was love at first sight! And seriously, how cool is it! Plus, buying pre-loved is one of the best things you can do for the planet as explained here. Plus, finding little gems like this one is the best feeling!

IMG_7042 2.JPG

What do you think about this look? Did you know the brands in this post? Always love your feedback! :)