Eco Fashion Outfit of the Day #1 : Conscious Tee and Purple Skirt

I have to admit that for a very long time I didn't know what the #ootd stood for... And when I finally understood, I just didn't see the point of posting daily outfits and even less the point of using a specific hashtag for that. But hey, no judging!

And yet, here I am! Posting my very firstoutfit of the day (or should I say ootd now?) half proud, half wondering why I'm doing this for. Well, it's not just a regular ootd (see I'm using it now), it's an eco fashion outfit made of a brand I'm super fan of and second hand pieces to show you guys how easy it can be to be conscious in your clothing choices.

So, ready to see my first accomplishment as a newbie blogger?

Chia & Chill Tee by Conscious Tee:

I first fell in love with the good vibes/happiness spreading message of the brand on Instagram before finally buying one of their tees and I absolutely love it! From being made of 100% organic cotton (which is rare enough to be highlighted) and approved by the Fair Ware Foundation to being printed in England with eco-friendly water based ink, this tee is as eco as you can get! Oh wait, I forgot, they've recently started shipping in 100% recycled mailing bag to be good to Mother Earth all the way to the consumer!

Moreover, the tees and sweatshirts all carry messages promoting veganism, health, environmentalism, and for each purchase they give 20% to charity. Yes, you read correctly, not 1 or 5% but 20%! I'm in love and can't wait to carry my "Chia & Chill" tee shirt everywhere with me this summer!

Conscious Tee:


Vintage Goldie London Skirt:

Bought on Asos many years ago when I was still buying fast fashion and didn't care where my clothes came from, I still own it years later after fixing small tears that were in it and taking good care of it. The most eco friendly piece of clothing is the one you don't buy right? Well thanks to its singular look and good care I haven't needed to buy a new long see through skirt in years! (Pretty specific I know but still a favorite in my closet). So if you used to buy fast fashion and are now more mindful of your clothing consumption, don't throw away all your previously bought items to make room for ethical fashion brands. On the contrary, keep what you bought in the past for as long as possible to avoid filling landfills and stimulating more production, I promise that's the best gift you can give to the planet.


Vegan booties from Public Desire:

Made of vegan faux suede, these booties are 100% cruelty free, they're super comfortable despite the high heels and they seem to be an ok quality which for a big retailer such as Public Desire is surprising news. Yes, I know, Public Desire is not an ethical/eco/fair company. They're the fast fashion of shoes if you could say that. However, as much as I am into the sustainable fashion movement, it's still fairly new and sometimes, despite extensive research on the web, you won't find the ethical alternative to what you're looking for. When this is the case I usually don't buy the item in question and 99,99% of the time, I didn't even need it. However, after having used my previous black high heels boots to the point where they honestly didn't look like much anymore, I really, really needed a new pair. So I found a vegan one which is already one good point and yes you may argue that I could have waited, saved and spent a lot more and buy a pair from a yet to come ethical/vegan/fair shoe brand.

And you would have been right. But sometimes it's okay not to be perfect and not do things the ideal way. Being conscious is a journey, and sometimes it's good to remind ourselves of this, especially if it concerns a pair of (very, very nice) shoes.