Why The Reformation is one of the coolest "Eco" brands out there

« Being naked is the #1 most sustainable option. Reformation is #2 » is Reformation’s motto. And considering the brand’s sustainable practices, I might have to agree.

Forget the hippie tee shirts and long hemp skirts, say hi to silk maxi dresses with high slits and tee shirts with cool slogans such as « more trees less walls », Reformation has truly reinvented what sustainable fashion can and should look like. And guess what ? It’s a success as the brand has been opening new shops on a regular basis in the coolest cities on earth such as New York, London and San Francisco on top of their LA HQ (I’m still waiting for one in Paris….) and their styles are among the favoritesof Taylor Swift, Karlie Kloss or the bombshell Emily Ratajowski.

But what makes Reformation so special in the eyes of (conscious) fashionistas around the world ?

Reduced impacts at every stage

Every piece of the collection is designed and manufactured in Los Angeles (which is rare enough to be noted) but the brand doesn’t just avoid outsourcing, it uses only sustainable materials such as deadstock fabrics, Tencel, re purposed vintage clothing, certified viscose and others with about 50% of fabrics sourced in the US.

To calculate its impacts and provide each customer with an understandable and educational view of the impacts of the garment he/she is about to buy, Reformation developed the Ref Scale that calculates the carbon, water and waste footprints of all its products. How does it work ? Well the equation follows the lifecycle of the garment from the growing of textiles fibers and making fabric to moving it, manufacturing, packaging, shipping, garment care and even recycling. So below that trendy skirt, you’ll find all the water, CO2 emissions and other metrics you will save should you buy Reformation. I personally love it.

As a B corp, the brand is also highly committed to ethical labor conditions and applies its code of conduct to its supply chain and all the suppliers involved. This notably involves paying hourly workers more than the minimum wage and screening suppliers for negative social or environmental impacts. Just showing how a brand can be both ETHICAL & SUSTAINABLE.

But sustainability doesnt stop at the sourcing or manufacturing process, it appliers to office life and retailing. In their L.A office, all paper and most office suppliers are made of recycled waste and their packaging is plastic free and made of 100 recycled paper! Yey!

And if you think shipping your dress through the world isn't really eco friendly, you're right! But Reformation offsets all of its domestic shipping while n the process of setting up a carbon neutral shipping program for international shipping.    And if your purchase is made in one of their store, look around and try to spot the LED furniture, recycled insulation and other eco stuff that makes up Reformation stores!

Killer clothes that don't kill the Environment

In terms of style, the brand just embodies that cool Californian girl vibe that everybody who does NOT live in Cali wishes to look like. This includes flowy printed maxi skirts and dresses, perfect for sunbathing tanks and jeans that make your body look like you spend your days playing volleyball at Santa Monica.

Some of the items area bit pricey but not only do you pay for the style, you also get ethics, sustainability and quality, which makes it an even better investment.

AND, I have a tip for you guys ! They have a once in a year sale and it’s (usually) in august ! Meaning soon ! You have to subscribe to the mailing list to find out when it starts as they don’t advertise it on the website, but mostly because everything is sold so fast, so I wouldn’t advise waiting if you find the styles you like and your size is still available!

Ready to be a #refbabe ?