Eco Fashion Outfit of the Dat #4: Deadstock fabrics and second hand

First sustainable fashion look of the year! January has been a bit slow on the blog because of... well you know, life. But what better way to be back in business than sharing a look that's all vegan and kind to mother earth? That's the beauty of sustainable fashion, every time you're spending money, you're supporting a brand that matches your values and/or the kind of economy you'd like to promote! Never forget how powerful your consumption choices can be!

Also, don't mind my whiteness, it's been months since we've seen the sun in Europe.

Top by the Sisterhood:

Sisterhood is a super affordable and uber cool fashion label based in the UK. They are "creating for a woman who loves to rule her own world whilst caring about the eco impact she has on this one" and they don't mess with sustainability. All their fabrics are sourced from an eco-friendly market that up-cycles and recycles all unused and unwanted fabric rolls from mills and factories so no waste is involved. AT ALL.

Plus, they only use fully recycled and recyclable paper and packing for all their orders so whenever I open one of their package, I know it wasn't responsible for cutting down a tree somewhere and I could not be more grateful!

IMG_4429 2.JPG

Bag from Melie Bianco:

Melie Bianco is an ethical, eco friendly, vegan bag brand, which basically means it ticks all my shopping request boxes. Their designs are absolutely incredible and I've only received compliments from people thinking it was real leather since buying from them. Their line has everything from tote bags to mini purses and backpacks so you can not find something you want. But in case it's not your cup of tea, here are several other bag brands that also produce with a purpose.


Jeans by Monki:

Hold your horses people, I know Monki belongs to H&M. And I'm aware it's fast fashion. This is why I've listed here a whole list of eco-friendly and ethical jean brands. But I'm also all for supporting improvement and showing big corporations that when they do something right such as offering an organic cotton line, customers notice. Also, I bought it at a time when by budget was very very low and I am confident that buying organic cotton jeans (when you absolutely need a new pair!) will always be better, even if it comes from a fast fashion retailer than buying convention ones.


Shoes from second hand:

Probably one of my best findings of 2017. Bought these lovely ladies on a second hand website for half their original price and that had never been worn by their previous owner so were in tip top shape. Did you know that buying second hand is one of the eco friendliest thing you can do? Not just for fashion but literally every thing. Extending the lifespan of a garment by only a couple of months for instance could lead to a 5-10% reduction in each of the carbon, water and waste footprints!


Hope you like this look,

With love,