Eco Fashion Outfit of the day #5: Vegan perfecto and activist brands

Hey everyone!

So this is it. Getting back to the blog after some crazy past months including leaving a job, living for one month on a tropical island, moving into a new apartment and trying to sort what the next steps are for me.

But, let’s start on a light note and leave the life update for later, shall we?
First post back is a new all eco friendly vegan look that I’ve been dying to share with you because it’s composed of brands that I LOVE so much because of their commitment to sustainability and cruelty free fashion and hopefully you’ll like them 2!

IMG_0310 2.jpg


First things first, the jacket!  From the young french brand Ovide, it’s made of… cork!
The brand is committed to using only cruelty free alternatives to leather, having a strong environmental and social impact in the communities where the raw materials are produced and reducing CO2 emissions. What’s not to like about such a program?
So why cork and not regular leather like alternative and is it comfy? Well cork is highly sustainable in the sense that every 9 to 12 years, it can be harvested from the tree without cutting it down which enables cork producing trees to live up to 200 years. Moreover, the forests being located in high biodiversity areas such as the south of Europe, this method of harvesting protects these locations and the fauna and flora they are home to. Finally, it's a tree that is known to act as a carbon sink, meaning it retains CO2 and as such prevents it from going into the atmosphere and.. well contributing to climate change.

IMG_0291 2.jpg

But if you know cork in its traditional use, you may think that it’s not the comfiest material for clothing right? Well I thought so too. And while the first day or so, the perfecto was a bit rigid, the feeling went away very quickly and it softens to become very light and comfortable to wear. And the color is everything! I only had black perfectos my whole life but for spring and autumn, I love this brownish color so much more!

Then, the stripe sweater! (which is one of my personal favorite print. Ever. Could it be because I’m half breton?) It comes from one of my all time favorite eco brands: the German label Armed Angels.

IMG_0269 2.jpg

Strongly committed to fair fashion, they belive that being green is not option but a must. As such, they only use sustainable materials such as organic cotton, linen, organic wool and recycled polyester and tencel. To show they’re real, they are event GOTS certified (one of the most ambitious and serious sustainable fashion certification out there).
Also, they work with Fairtrade and the Fair Wear Foundation to ensure that workers in their supply chain are working in fair conditions.  And they have a lot of vegan items!


Jeans in from Monki. Yes I know it belongs to H&M. And because I do not wish to consume fast fashion any longer, I have made a list here of jean brands that are way better for mama earth and textile workers.
But back when I was a student and broke (who am I kidding, I’m still broke haha), I really needed a new pair of jeans and couldn’t find anything in second hand shops, I settled for a Monki pair which at least was made of organic cotton.
Sometimes, it doesn’t help beating yourself up, you’re not perfect but at least you’re trying ☺

And last but not least, shoes! So happy to be telling you about the incredible work Ecoalf is doing! The Madrid based brand believes that “there is no need to keep on using natural resources in a careless way” so they started to create recycled products with the same quality and design as the best ones done with non recycled. Some figures?  Ecoalf has recycled more than 70 million plastic bottles since its creation in 2009, 60 tonnes  discarded fishing nets and also cotton, used tires, coffee waste to make their super cool outdoor clothing.

Their most ambitious project to date?  Upyclcling the Oceans. Started in Spain  as a partnership with local fishermen to remove the rubbish and plastic in the Mediterranean Seainto thread for weaving fabric, it was launched in 2017 in Thailand as a 3 year collaboration with multi stakeholders to create a circular economy project in the areas of Bangkok; Rayong, Koh Samui, Koh Tao and Phukhet.

IMG_0319 2.jpg

I hope you loved this look made of brands that care!

Talk soon,

With love,