Eco Fashion Outfit of the Day #6: Uber cool pyjamas & craftmanship

You know the feeling when sometimes you see  a pyjama or a pair of slippers of anything that is supposed to be worn inside your appartment/house and you think: "ok that's cool, I could wear it outside 2" but in the end you're often mortified that someone will realize that's it wasn't supposed to leave the coziness of your house?

I get that feeling way too often. But sometimes, the design is so flawless that no one (unless they know the brand and see that tag) even notices. That's what happens with the denish brand Underprotection. Going through the "loungewear" section of their website, I remember even thinking : I could wear that to work!

So I ended up getting this gorgeous robe that feels like silk but thank god isn't. This pink beauty is made of lyocell satin which means that not only is it super sustainable it's also vegan!

IMG_0494 2.jpg

But let's dive into the brand's sustainability credentials and ethics.

All the materials used by the brand are sustainable from recycled polyester that takes from 33% to 53% less energy compared to what’s needed to produce virgin polyester to lyocell consisting of cellulose fiber made from dissolving pulp using no chemicals to organic cotton, UnderProtection focuses on materials that look chic without hurting the planet.

When it comes to production, they work with only 1 factory based in India and have received the Fair Wear Foundation license, a guarantee of the good treatment of workers. A screening of all suppliers is performed  to minimize the environmental impacts and ensure there’s no unfair or unsafe labor that goes into making the clothes.

They also offer beautiful lingerie and underwear so there's definitely something for every conscious consumer at UnderProtection!


Second item I wanted to talk about is the bag. I bought it in Lisbon last christmas and it's entirely handmade. I had seen several similar bags on internet but they all had a leather handle and there was no wy I would compromise and buy something made of animal products. So image my happiness when I found a similar design at a small market with a handle made of cork! Plus, due to its handmade production, it has all kind of small glitches that make it all the more special.

IMG_0510 2.jpg


Craftsmanship needs support! Throughout the world, millions of individuals work to keep traditions alive and earn a living out of it but there's in danger of seeing their knowledge and skills disappear because of mainstream large scale production. Whether it's indigenous women in Guatemala, a rug maker in Morocco or a bag designer in Lisbon, do consider buying local, small scale production, possibly handmade when traveling. Not only will you support an artisan and an art, you'll also have something totally unique to showcase!

IMG_0476 2.jpg

With Love,