Eco Fashion Outfit of the Day #2: London style

I don’t do many “outfits of the day” post because I don’t find them that relevant and also because I’m not such a good model. But when an outfit includes so many doing good for the planets and the animals brands, there’s just no way of not sharing it and my love for these game changers.  Also, the fact that it was shot in one of Nothing Hill most typical colorful street puts me in such a happy mood (traveling weirdo, I know).

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Eco Fashion Outfit of the Day #1 : Conscious Tee and Purple Skirt

While for a long time I had no idea what an "ootd" and even less a "fair ootd" was, here is my first ever eco outfit of the day including a 100% organic tee brand that spreads happiness, a vintage skirt bought years ago and vegan booties!


Guess I really became a blogger now right?

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