Why was I in Berlin during Fashion Week? A Neonyt experience report

“Invitation to join Berlin Sustainable Fashion Week”. I remember receiving an email with this title in December and jumping out of joy in my living room. Discovering a bunch of sustainable fashion brands alongside eco bloggers for 3 days in one of the most advanced city in terms of environment in the world? Heck yes!

Wanna know what we did for 3 days in Berlin?

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Why you should buy second hand clothing

It’s a no brainer that fast fashion is bad. For the planet of course but also for the workers involved in this industry who get paid low wages, work extra long hours, are threatened physically and mentally and in some cases are minors.

So what do you do ? On the pyramid of building yourself  an eco friendly and ethical closet (which you can find here), you’ll notice that even before supporting brands with a purpose is the « buy vintage when possible » advice.  That’s because the environmental benefits of buying pre-loved clothes are pretty significant (on top of saving money and looking unique of course) !

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