11 shops to buy organic, local and zero waste food in Brussels

Ideally, we would all like to able to buy organic, local and fair trade products for a reasonable price and in bulk. But that’s not always easy to find, especially when we don’t know where to look.

So I thought it was time to gather some info and publish a non exhaustive list of Brussels addresses that offer zero waste, organic and/or local food that is not only good to your body but also to Mother Earth!

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Green Love indeed

So, I went to Marseille for the 14th of July (France's National Day) long week end. Marseille is the second city of France and is located in the south, on the Mediterranean. It's beautiful and sunny and people talk with a "singing" accent that is both lovely to hear and hilarious to try to imitate.

While veganwise, it's definitely no paradise, I managed to find one of the only all plant based cafes in the city and here it what I thought!

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