Green Love indeed

So, I went to Marseille for the 14th of July (France's National Day) long week end. Marseille is the second city of France and is located in the south, on the Mediterranean. It's beautiful and sunny and people talk with a "singing" accent that is both lovely to hear and hilarious to try to imitate.


Food wise, thanks to the neighboring countries influence, there's a lot of Italian and Northern African restaurants. Meaty meaty meaty.

Yet, thanks to excellent advice from fellow vegans, I found the cutest restaurant, located right in the center of the city, in the Prefecture area, that serves only plant based dishes.

I had the bowl of the day which was a mix of marinated "feta", dried tomato humus, zucchini noodles, mushroom, homemade "tzatziki", roasted carrots, red kale, spicy chickpeas, greek rice and a brochette of grilled vegetables and a detox cold pressed juice. Absolutely delicious!

Moreover, the place itself is super cute, very "green", thanks to all the plants and the wood based furniture, but the approach goes beyond just healthy food. Most of the products used in the restaurants are organic, come from local producers and are seasonal so as to reduce as much as possible the impact on the environment.

In front of the counter, you'll also find a selection of coffee, tea, cosmetics, all french, organic and vegan of course! And, last but not least, they're dog-friendly!

I was definitely feeling the green love!