Wild and the Moon: Vegan restaurant with an eco conscience

First it was the media, then cool girl’s instagram pics and finallyacquaintances talking about it. Since Wild and the Moon opened the doors of its first Parisian location in february 2016, the success has been immediate. From the design to the food, everything caters to the needs of the conscious yet trendy foodie who wants to eat healthy in an instagramable place.

But, what mostly caught my eye while reading several interviews about the founder Emma Sawko was the strong commitment to sustainability displayed by the entrepreneur and how she was infusing those into her concepts.

Wild and the moon is indeed based on the simple belief that food should be food for you, good for the planet and above all delicious. This translates into organic ingredient, local when possible, no refined sugar, no additives or chemicals, no GMOs, no soy, no dairy, no gluten. And if that wasn’t enough I recently read that Emma Sawko recently engaged in the Too Good to Go initiative (fighting against waste) and aims for her restaurants to be zero waste by 2020, with some strategies already implemented (bio-degradable containers, recycling of by-products etc).

 Pic by Wild and the Moon @Instagram

Pic by Wild and the Moon @Instagram

So, on top of doing good for the planet, what will you be getting if you visit one of the two Wild and the Moon locations in Paris (or in Dubai and soon New York for that matter) ?

Fromvitality shots filled with vitamins for a boost to cold pressed juices to preserve nutrients and almond milk based smoothie if you’re looking for something sweeter, the ray of colours in the drinks department will have you feeling healthy just by looking (but trust me, have a taste, they’re delicious). When it comes to food, options range from açai and matchai bowl to gluten free veggie packed focaccias and daily super bowls (I took the quinoa with fresh veggies, guacamole and cashew nuts).

Food is around 10 – 12 euros but portions are rather small so I would recommend choosing two different things if you’re feeling hungry (plus, it’ll give you the chance to taste other flavours).

Food was good, you could feel the ingredients were fresh but I was a bit disappointed by the coldness of the meal. As the kitchen is not located in the same building, cold meals such as bowls and salads are stocked in a self service fridge and if you get there a bit late, chances are the bowl and its content will be extra cold.

But just let yourself charmed by the place and sip your smoothie while it warms up and you won’t be disappointed by the taste.



Anyway, overall the experience was excellent, this is definitely a place I would recommend to try if you’re into healthy and vegan food and want to support an eco-friendly concept. I was so happily surprised to see that clients in the restaurant weren’t only made of fashion bloggers and hipsters but rather a mix of families, neighbors and friends sitting at the big communal table in the back. RELIEF (nothing against fashion bloggers and hipsters, I swear, it just feels weird when the entire place spends more time checking out each other outfits and taking pics than actually EAT and ENJOY).

Good job, Emma ! Will definitely be back and can not wait to test the other concepts in Dubaï and New York :)

Wild and the Moon

55 rue Charlot, 75003 Paris
Téléphone: +33 (0) 9 51 80 22 33

Wild Lab (take-away)

25 rue des Gravilliers, 75003 Paris


Paris hidden gems #1: Les Grands Voisins

I’ve lived almost all my life in Paris and yet I’m still regularly discovering hidden gems that amaze me by their creativity and innovation.

Les Grands Voisins (in english, ‘The Big Neighbors”) is one of them. Nestled in the 14th arrondissement in the south of Paris, this 4 hectares multi disciplinary space lies on the grounds of a former hospital and brings together small charities, entrepreneurs, artists and even refugees and individuals in need of a home to innovate together while being one of the coolest place in Paris to unwind with a beer after a hard day at work.

Come take a look!

The place currently hosts around 2000 people that either live and work on site and recently opened a camping. Imagined by Yes We Camp and composed of regular tents, wooden huts, outdoor showers, it even has a outdoor but protected from the rain space with several hamacs to chill in. Most materials are eco-friendly or recycled (from the waste produced on site) and you can evenpedal to produce the electricity that makes the washing machine work! Saving the planet one laundry at a time at les Grands Voisins ;).

The outdoors are reinvested by urban organic agriculture, a hen house, handmade furniture, collective sports installations and even a Russian steam bath to please all the visitors.

But the true heart of les Grands Voisins is La Lingerie, a coffee house/cantine located in the middle of the site where you can just drink a coffee and pay for a second one that will be served to someone in need for free, listen to a concert, watch a documentary or just talk to your neighbor as most of the tables are long and you usually end up sitting with 4 strangers that eventually become friends. Should you be hungry, there are different locations that offer dining options for as cheap as… 5 euros! For that price, you get a big plate of a fairly simple meal, usually rice with veggies and sometimes chickens BUT they almost always propose a vegan option which makes my plant eating belly incredibly happy!


While you’re there, don’t hesitate to check out the many purpose oriented companies and charities that are based there, they are all doing something for the community or the environment. Some of them include a shared closet website that enables you to rent clothes on a weekly basis which reduces excessive clothing consumption while remaining stylish, others collect and sell back used cardboards for people who are moving out using a bike and it goes on. Need inspiration, do come!

Finally, you might come across one of the many volunteers busy cooking, fixing, gardening on the spot. Don’t hesitate to talk to them, they’re usually super opened to share about their little paradise.

If you’re in Paris, hurry to visit,the site is supposed to close in December as the city takes over to build 600 new appartments within an "eco neighborhood". Let's hope all the learning from the Grands Voisins experience will be used to set up a similar place somewhere else!

Les grands voisins:

Ancien hôpital Saint-Vincent-de-Paul
82, Avenue Denfert-Rochereau
75 014 Paris