How to survive as a Vegan in the Philippines

Let’s face it, after 3 weeks in the Philippines, I can officially say Filippino’s cuisine isn’t fit for vegans. Filippino people LOVE meat, especially porc and beef but they also love cheese so vegetarian meal often contain cheese. But nothing is impossible! I didn’t starve during the 3 weeks I spent there, I didn’t thrive either but I managed to survive ;)

If you’re a vegan heading out to The Philippines soon and you’re anxious about how to deal with food, here’s a little guide that might give you a few tips:

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11 must do's in Siargao if you don't surf

Siargao is renowned as the surfing capital of the Philippines. But if you don’t surf, it’s still a pretty awesome destination! From natural rock pools to secret spots and palm trees forests including some of the best island hopping in the country and plenty of sustainability initiatives, here’s why it should be definitely be on your list!

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