11 must do's in Siargao if you don't surf

Siargao is renowned as the surfing capital of the Philippines. But if you don’t surf, it’s still a pretty awesome destination! From natural rock pools to secret spots and palm trees forests including some of the best island hopping in the country and plenty of sustainability initiatives, here’s why it should be definitely be on your list!

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Why I still fly and how to make it less terrible for the planet

I consider myself en Environmentalist. I eat vegan, don’t own a car, buy second hand fashion and consume mostly local and organic food. But I fly. Several times a year, to go on holidays, see my family or discover a new country, I pack my bags, head to the airport and hop on a (often long-distance) flight.

Yet, flying has a HUGE impact on the planet. So why do I still fly and what’s there to do to reduce the environmental impacts of flying around the world?

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Eco-Conscious Travel Guide: Places to Visit, Where to Stay and Things to Do in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka! Now popping up on traveler’s radar, the destination is a dream for anyone seeking culture, delicious food, a healthy and slow lifestyle and finally tropical beaches. But it’s also more than that! The country is home to environmental destruction, cultural tensions and a real stray animals problem.

I had the chance to spend a month there earlier this year so here’s my top 4 of what not to miss if you’re around!

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A Lisbon guide for conscious travelers

One of my main resolution for 2018 is to discover and travel more (I know, plane emissions and i’ll make a post about what you can do about that, promise !) so I thought it’d be perfectly in the theme to write the first post of the year about my latest escapade to… Lisbon ! We spent Christmas there with the family and while a lot was closed due to the holidays, we still managed to discover some little gems and feel the incredible vibe of this sunny city.

So I wrote a little list of the neighborhoods, restaurants and places we discovered while there in case that helps someone organizing their trip! :)

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4 indispensables to pack when traveling green

Most of us like (if not love) to travel. Call it wanderlust, curiosity, love of exoticism or whatever you want really, there is something about emerging yourself if a new culture that it truly exhilarating. For me it already starts when I pack my bag. However, if you’re a greenie at home, it can sometimes be hard to keep the good eco-friendly habits while away and it’s even easier to create bad ones.

So here are my 3 indispensable to pack to make your journey greener.

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