10 eco friendly swimsuit to swim and tan without hurting the planet

It’s already July! Can you believe how fast time flies? If you’re in Europe or the northern hemisphere, chances are you’ll lay in the sun at least a few times in the next two months. So you may already have your swimsuit! But in case you don’t, or you want to indulge in a new piece during the summer sales, here’s a selection of eco-friendly swimsuit that are kind to the planet!

Indeed most swimsuit are usually made of polyester, nylon or other synthetic materials made of oil. Meaning resource intensive and non-biodegradable. But thankfully, that’s changing and the swimsuit industry is full of innovative brands who are turning this around, like these … below!

You’ll notice that many are using a sustainable fiber from post consumer materials called econyl so in case you want to learn more about it, here’s some explanations from their website: "Nylon waste from landfills and oceans around the world is transformed into ECONYL® regenerated nylon. It's exactly the same as brand new nylon and can be recycled, recreated and remoulded again and again. That means you can create new products and buy new products without having to use new resources."

Free Bella

Where from ?  Los Angeles, USA

Values : Recycled polyester, econyl, social equity

Price :  60 – 150 $

Sexy cuts that make you feel like a Californian goddess without harming the planet? That’s what Free Bella is offering you. All their pieces are made from recycled polyester coming from PET (yes that’s plastic bottles) and the sustainable techno-fabric Econyl which is 100% regenerated nylon fiber from post consumer materials. All the packaging is made from 100% recycled paper products and the entire manufacturing process is completed in their partner’s factory in Downtown Los Angeles which means they are able to ensure that no unfair labor or unsafe working conditions that make in their supply chain.

Also the brand is part of Fashion Revolution so yes to that!!

Bombshell bay Swimwear

Where from ?  St Kilda, Australia

Values : Econyl, body positive

Price :  90 - 170 $

Bombshell is Seriously committed to the fight against plastic pollution. Like seriously. They’re using econyl for their whole range. No compromise on sustainability.

Let’s talk fashion now. Their designs are wearable, flattering,and comfortable and they do not believe in photoshops and flawless. Instead, they are keeping it real with their models and design their pieces with the ethos “sexy without the skimp in mind”.

Shapes in the sand

Where from ?  Avalon, Australia

Values : Econyl,  1% for the Planet

Price :  89 – 230 AUD$

Australian swim and lifestyle label, each piece is made sustainably and ethically with nature and environmental protection in mind. As such, this brand is another user of econyl which really shows there’s a market for eco-friendly materials in the fashion industry. 

Designed, printed and handmade locally in Australia, the brand’s beautiful and delicate pieces make me want to hop on a plane and move to the land down under!

Not to forget, they are member of 1% for the planet.

Greenlee swim

Where from ? Los Angeles, USA

Values : Sustainable materials, mix & match, giving back

Price :  89 – 190 $

Established in 2012, the brands offers minimal swimwear based on the concept of “mix and match” meaning that all the pieces compliment each other, no matter what print, style or shape. While the website does not mention which type of “recycled and sustainable origins” the swimsuit are made of (could be a suggestion?), Greenlee supports environmental organizations such as  Heal the Bay,Global Green USA and The Rainsforest Partnership.

So do you feel ready to mix and match and never say again “I don’t know which swimsuit to wear…”?

Aurai Swimwear

Where from ? Auckland, New Zealand

Values : Eco fibers, ethical labor

Price :  840 – 90 NZ $

A slow fashion swim brand! Is there anything better than these two (well actually 3) words together?

Aurai is New Zealand based and is committed to environmental consciousness and ethical labor practices. To achieve those goals, the brand works mostly with local suppliers, uses ECONYL but also Amni Soul eEco “made from a polyamide with an improved formulation that accelerates biodegradation in the anaerobic (oxygen-free) environment, common in most landfills” and uses digital print to create their patterns without using water and harmful chemicals. Finally, should you buy something from the brand, you’d receive your product in a reusable 100% cotton mini bag and a box made from 100% recycled paper. Eco from beginning to end!


Woodlike Ocean

Where from ? Hamburg, Germany

Values : Econyl, 1% for the planet, Healthy Seas initiative

Price :  70 – 150 €

One of my personal and the first European brand in this post! The German designer is committed to clean seas and oceans. They go beyond the use of Econyl by partnering up with 1% of the planet and giving a donation to the Healthy Seas Initiative for every piece sold. The designs are simple yet timeless and a joy to surf in!


Where from ? N/A

Values : Econyl, Sea Turtle Inc

Price :  40 – 50 €

Feeling like showing some skin? Then Udersea is your pick! This super sexy label designs fashionable swimsuit that are 100% sustainable thanks to the econyl fiber. They are also partnering up with Sea Turtle Inc a great initiative contributing to rehabilitate trapped or injured sea turtles to return to their habitat.

If you want to feel like an italian diva, get yourself an Undersea bikini! Plus, prices are super affordable!



Where from ? Italy

Values : Econyl, Handmade

Price :  130 – 150 €

The italian label is 100% made of italian econyl and the suits are handmade with love resulting in lovely and dreamy prints that perfectly fits a European summer.

Whether red, blue or green, there’s no risk of fashion faux pas if you’re choosing Eepainted as all their designs are very chic and delicate thanks to the crossed back and fluffy shoulders. Definitely on my shopping list!

Away that day

Where from ? Designed in the UK, made in Bali

Values : Econyl

Price :  35 – 55 £

Cool, sexy and sustainable. What more to ask ? Saving marine Animals of course ! By partnering up with aAquafil, an organization thatr escues unwanted materials from oceans, regenerates and recycled them to become material, Away that Day prevents significant amount of unwanted waste from polluting the oceans and killing marine animals.

Also, most affordable brand on the list !

Cabana Cartel

Where from? Bali

Values: Recycled material

Price: 109 - 130 €

The brand was created out of the desire to for "versatile pieces to be worn from the beach to the bar" which leads to colorful and stylish pieces than can be found nowhere else and that have me dreaming of summer nights in tropical places! The fabric is blend of Recycled Polyamide (78%) and Elastane (22%) which helps reduce the pressure of non biodegradable materials on the health of the seas and oceans. If you're looking for something different that to make an impression, don't hesitate!

Hope this selection will help you consider eco-friendly next time you're buying a swimsuit!

With love,