5 vegan AND eco-friendly handbag brands for fall/winter

Winter is coming… and so is the need for a bag large enough to hold your laptop, medications against the cold and gym essentials while still looking stylish. A few years ago, to find that perfect companion I would have had a look to well known brands who produce leather goods as my mother always told me « leather is what lasts the longest ».
Many toxic chemicals are used (including to prevent the skin from biodegrading and without which it would rot straight on your foot or your arm should the leather made good be a bag) such as chromium considered as hazardous. Tannery effluents are also polluted and some studies suggest that diseases found among residents living close to a tannery could be linked to the chemical exposure. At the same time, many leather like vegan alternatives are synthetic based and come from plastic and petroleum. Not so good for mother Earth either.

So here’s a list I compiled of vegan AND eco friendly alternatives for the fall/winter season. So that you can carry your life around without harming the animals or the planet ! :)

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