9 eco friendly sunglasses that you’ll want to wear all summer

Only ten days to go until it’s officially summer but it already feels like it in Europe! Temperatures are high, days are sunny and I’m off to apply to become a weather presenter (just kidding). Having blue eyes and significant vision problems, I feel bothered when brightness increases even a tiny bit. So one of the things I need the most as soon as summer starts to show up is sunglasses! However finding brands that produce those with an Eco-friendly/sustainable approach hasn’t really been a piece of cake for me.
So here it is! Part 2 of the “Where to” series that aims at at providing readers with brands that offer ethical/eco/fair/vegan (all 4 when possible) alternatives to a product worn regularly, just like a good friend with cool addressees she likes to share :)

9 eco friendly sunglasses that’ll make you look stylish at the beach while protecting your eyes and the environment!

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